“Lean game”, is a game based educational, it is designed  to illustrate the improvement process  using Lean in production and the use of Lean Tools.  How to work smarter by removing  that in production, what does not add value to the product/customer.

The game begins with a theoretical review of  a number of tools in LEAN. After a break the production of torches starts.  The torches are  assembled in 5 stations and all participants to have a role, such as production manager,  operator, fork lift driver, quality controller, customer, etc. After  12 minutes of production, the result is evaluated and the profit of the factory calculated. The group may then choose  among a number tools for improvement and implement improvements in the torch production.  After that,  the production starts  again, and  the result is measured.  It gives it a direct feedback of the changes made.

The game runs in 5 rounds and takes about 8 hours to complete including theory.


This workshop is addressed to all staff at the company and does not require any  special Lean knowledge in advance. Each tool/method is explained and when implemented, the participants start to understand them.



Introduction and Presentation of Lean methods. (approx. 2 hours)

5 rounds of the Lean game with improvement  actions between

Summary and discussion  about  the business effects of improvements, effects of different Lean tools, which order to implement etc.


Learning by doing is the most effective way of learning. Even if this is a simulated work environment, many of the problems the participants meets in their daily environment is illustrated and solutions suggested.  Such as:

Set up time - SMED

Quality errors  - RFB, Poka Yoke, supplier development and Andon

Efficiency – Layout, U-cell , Line production, 5S, Standardized work, and work balancing.

Improvement- Team organization, Kaizen, and PDCA.

Management – Analyze methods, spaghetti chart, visual control, motivation, daily meeting and implementation  strategy.

Effect on company results – revenue and cost follow up

Product design – QFD and DFA

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